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E-Business Secrets
Brian Livingston
Commission junction ends pay-per-click commissions

Commission Junction, one of the leading e-commerce affiliate service programs, on Aug. 1 stopped accepting or paying out commissions to Web sites that generate click-throughs to participating merchant sites. The few remaining merchants who used this method to attract traffic-building affiliates will have to shift to commissions based on leads (registrations) or sales connected to visitors directed to their sites by affiliates.

The change suggests that pay-per-click programs are near their end. The once-popular affiliate compensation method was doomed by dishonest sites that developed bogus, computer-generated clicks to receive large payouts. The complaints and confusion created by phony click-throughs have apparently made this system unusable.

In a separate measure, Commission Junction last month began publishing the payout results of all its merchants and their affiliates. The figures, which are accessible only to those who sign up for a Commission Junction account, show that, a catalog retailer, currently has the highest payout rate per referral. In the most recent three-month period, commissions to affiliates averaged $42.50 for every 100 visitors a site sent to HelloDirect, according to Commission Junction.

Commission Junction's new payout statistics:

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Livingston's e-business technology review: The first 5-megapixel digital camera

If you've been waiting to buy a digital camera until they have enough resolution to be used for everything, you no longer have any excuse. Minolta has released the Dimage 7, the first digital camera capable of 5 megapixels, the equivalent of a 2,568-by-1,928 pixel image.

You'd never post an image that large on a Web page, of course. But the high resolution allows you to use just the portion of an image you want. Imagine a photo being divided into tick-tack-toe squares. You can crop out everything but the center square and still have a 856-by-640 pixel image that's sharp and crisp.

The enthusiast site describes the Dimage 7 as "advanced digital technology never before seen in a consumer-class digital camera." Aside from shots for Web pages, the full-resolution images can be used for quality prints to as much as 11 by 17 inches in size. The street price is expensive at about $1,499, but this is a camera for those who are serious about digital photos.

Minolta Dimage 7 digital camera:

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Livingston's top 10 news picks o' the week

1. Newer, nastier Code Red II infects Windows 2000

2. Microsoft's exclusion of Java from XP raises ire

3. Amazon launches new 'Imaginarium' online toy store

4. New AOL service will rival Microsoft's Passport ...

5. ... And the two giants also butt heads in other areas

6. New search engine finds breaking news in Web logs

7. Pay-for-display portals are doing well amid slowdown

8. Internet users in Asia will exceed United States by 2003

9. True Audience will help sites quantify ad viewers

10. Free programs test your Web pages' functionality

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