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As an investigative journalist, I’ve co-authored 12 books and written over 1,000 articles that unveil the hidden side of commerce.

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Muscular Portfolios Newsletter

Muscular Portfolios monthly

The Muscular Portfolios Newsletter is published via email once each month. The newsletter gives away sophisticated investing information that would cost you big bucks from Wall Street banks. Subscribe now for free


MarketWatch covers your money

My periodic columns at reveal the seamy underbelly of Wall Street — financial products that subject expose to huge losses, hidden fees that you may not even know you’re paying, and worse — and, more importantly, tell you what you can do to guard against these schemes. See MarketWatch columns


StockCharts plots your strategy

My articles for StockCharts bring you the newest findings on low-cost investing and how to avoid complicated and costly wealth-management expenses. The website offers free tools that anyone can use to manage their own Muscular Portfolios, as well as premium services supporting greater power and customization. See StockCharts columns

Charles Schwab & Co. infographic

Ritholtz likes better infographics

Wealth manager and Bloomberg/Washington Post columnist Barry Ritholz recently posted two market charts, saying Charles Schwab’s was “interesting but terrible” while calling mine “a much better depiction.” Schwab version / Livingston version

Paul Merriman in Venice

Ultimate Momentum Portfolio revealed

I had the honor of moderating a seminar by MarketWatch columnist Paul Merriman (left). To mark the event, I released a whitepaper on ways to improve his strategy’s performance by several percentage points a year. Download the paper

Christine Benz

Tweak adds shine to Morningstar

It’s easy to enhance the “bucket” strategy described by Christine Benz (left), Morningstar director of personal finance. A study I distributed at Benz’s recent talk in Seattle shows one simple step that lifts returns and cuts losses. Download the paper

Entrepreneur of the Year award

Entrepreneur prize awarded

The 6th annual Internet Content Summit in New York City gave its Entrepreneur of the Year trophy to the Windows Secrets Newsletter’s pay-what-you-wish policy. This “contribution model” proved that allowing people to set their own fees actually works for online services that readers respect.

Puget Sound Business Journal

Biz journal praises donation model

Developing a profitable business on contributions alone won us kudos from the Tech Flash journalist team. The contribution model actually raised more revenue from subscribers to the Windows Secrets Newsletter than setting a fixed price of any given level. Read more

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